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The Wayward Rabbler is written by Brad Pearce. I wrote an introduction when I started, though my topics and purpose have changed over time:

The Wayward Rabbler
Instead of an Introduction
“From that moment when, at the sight of his beloved brother dying, Levin had looked at those questions of life and death for the first time through those new convictions, as he called them, which, imperceptibly, during that period from twenty to thirty-four years of age had come to replace his childhood and adolescent beliefs, he had been horrified, not…
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For the most part, I am just some guy who is interested in human affairs and reads a lot. For a long time I was an anarcho-libertarian, however, I am now what you could call a realist. In this newsletter I primarily write about important stories about international relations and politics which I do not think are getting enough coverage. I currently have an impressive track record of writing backgrounds on stories that then become a much bigger deal, so reading my articles every week is a great way to stay ahead of the narratives the government is always throwing at us.

What I find myself writing about the most are the way the systems which we have inherited are failing, the foolishness of world leaders, and how narratives are used to manipulate the public. That said, I will write about anything that I find interesting or think my readers would find useful. I have a deep interest in literature, history, and political theory, and this is the unique value that I can provide in my commentary. My goal is to be like Machiavelli, who could demonstrate any principle with both an ancient and modern example, and I seek to apply Machiavelli’s brilliant analysis to the era of lies and incompetence in which we live.

My work has appeared at The Libertarian Institute and The Cradle, while articles from this newsletter are regularly featured on antiwar.com, The Ron Paul Institute, and Naked Capitalism. I will generally give permission to republish my work with proper attribution. I can be found on Twitter @WaywardRabbler. My Facebook page is The Wayward Rabbler. I have also started a Telegram channel, though I rarely use the service.

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My work is wholly reader supported and I am a poor. Both free and paid subscriptions help me a huge amount, what inspires me the most is to know people are reading at all. The brilliance of Substack is I don’t have to dumb things down for an idiot demographic, and 1000 paid subscribers globally could wholly support me as a career. As it seems now, my subscriber niche will most likely be writers and insiders and that sort of thing, less so than the general public.

Please consider a paid subscription, as it greatly helps me move forward with this endeavor to which I am devoting an enormous amount of time. The intention is to ultimately make the podcast for paid subscribers only, though it has not performed well enough for that to currently be a correct decision. My main work will always be free, which is why I must rely on your generosity.

I also have started a tip jar at Ko-Fi, where generous supporters can donate money in $5 increments.

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My obsession with human affairs makes this an easy and entertaining way to stay caught up with major current stories. Let me pore through the misinformation to find something close to the truth so you don’t have to! Plus, as said above, I have developed a penchant for noticing stories shortly before they blow up, so this newsletter is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve.

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Substack is a much better place to have real conversations than on social media. I appreciate anyone who leaves earnest comments and usually respond, though I make no promise to, especially for anyone who is just repeating the mainstream narrative or seems to have missed things I clearly addressed in the article. It’s refreshing to be somewhere with sufficient freedom of speech to have unrestrained conversation. It’s scary in the cyber dystopia! I will only be deleting or blocking commenters who are serving no purpose but to repeatedly harass me or other people.

Thank you for reading!

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