Jing in chinese means 'energy', there is 'fa jing' which is released energy like a spring

Doing nothing is the center of the ying-yang, when flowing it appears to be a spiral, when still its a mountain one side light, one side dark, the spiral cannot be defeated

When a fighter is still he is centered;

Enough china philosophy, HK did well to kick out its CIA funded kids, they had USSA college prof's teaching students 'hands-on' to make molotov cocktails;

China kicked their ass, after they nearly destroyed HK small city, but they did arrest them, defund their CIA ATM cards, and bingo it was over

Georgia could do the same thing if it had a sponsor, sounds like RUSSIA is smart enough to just let it go, as having too much on its plate, but with full denial, why not sponsor Georgia Gov to kick some ass and arrest the students & defund their ATM's?? Seems some thing deeper to this story, like almost certain country's are being horse-traded behind the scenes for the coming 'truce'.

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Lo siento, pero no tengo dinero para pagar, soy un jubilado español, y cobro muy poco dinero. Hace 2 días, que intento comunicar a los georgianos, el mal momento elegido, como para una revolución de Color y mira por donde, yo en mi pagina de FB. leo a Ron Paul y decidí, compartir la publicación, además de enviársela a una periodista georgiana ex de RT. ahora, no me sale el nombre, es normal en mi, soy hiperactivo. tan pronto recuerde el nombre, "Inageorgeva" o algo parecido, pero ya di indicaciones, para que alguien se la entregue.. Muy buen reportaje. Gracias Vfg.fm.

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