Pashniyan is a fool. The US and EU don’t care about another Armenian genocide: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/armenian-genocide-karabakh-azerbaijan

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Pashinyan is indeed a fool and it is true that the US and EU will never choose Armenia over Azerbaijan.

The one thing I would like to contribute here is that some years ago doing research about a young man from my small town in the Western United States who went missing in the First World War I saw a news item that at the time some Armenian monks visited the city and gave a presentation about the genocide to a committee of church members in town and then raised money for victims, though I believe they didn't have that word yet. The humanitarian situation was in my small town newspaper all the time for a few years, with people always sending relief funds and stories about how they were murdered by Turks and that sort of thing.

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