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Well for a 34 your a lot maturer than I was back then. I call them kids still because I was so immature so that's how I see them. I worked for the machine as a hitter and now I hate them even though the fact that I did allows me to live in freedom.

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I like that you take your readers into your confidence with this introduction. One can see your process, commitment and motives for doing what you do. You put a lot of work into your articles. They provide useful information and analysis.

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I would gladly spend a bunch of evenings sitting around a table with you, having a small joint and exchanging idea...

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As stated, I have considerable respect for your analysis regarding NATO/UKR/RUSSIA conflict.

I was quite impressed at your depth of understanding the issues.

Then I read your Bio/Intro and was disappointed at the self indulgent narcissism and especially the gratuitous use of the provocative photo of your wife splayed out on the table behind the stack of books you claim to have read. It was a Trophy Pic plain and simple and speaks to a certain immaturity by a person who aims to be taken seriously.

Otherwise we appear to be comrades in arms vis-à-vis the Global Elite who wish to destroy us.

Kind regards,

- G

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You’d be much more convincing if you dramatically toned down the narcissism and stuck to analysis.

Your commentary vis-à-vis the NATO/UKR/RUSSIA conflict was quite compelling and I am largely in agreement.

Your personal Bio was juvenile and grossly self indulgent and seriously detracts from your analysis on other topics. I would suggest you scrub it.

Thank you… - G

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