Small side note on how independent the Crimean referendum was: Igor Girkin has in the past bragged about being the cause of Crimean deputies voting a certain way: https://twitter.com/AlasdairMcc1/status/1586031849603743744

"The Crimean deputies were rounded up by our militias"

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Well written, except it lacks a context of what Ukraine actually wants.

Benjamin Disraeli famously wrote “I must follow the people, am I not their leader”, and Zellensky isn’t making an overture towards EU and NATO unilaterally, he is following the will of the people. The Ukrainians want to align with Europe, not Russia. That isn’t CIA driven propaganda, that is the will of the Ukrainian people:

I often mention the Holodomor, in the context of the long history of the Bolsheviks/USSR mistreatment of the Ukrainian people. Sometimes dismissed as ancient history, these scars are long remembered by Ukraine and its people. The Ukrainians care about this history, and continue to care.

Those wounds may never heal between the Russian government and the Ukrainian people (especially now with the invasion that started in 2014).

As a sovereign country, Ukraine has the right to approach EU and NATO.

But your article is written from the Russian perspective like Russia should care about that or somehow the invasion was a justified reason to intervene, and/or make the decisions for Ukraine. But Ukrainians don’t fucking care what Russia thinks.

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