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It's actually quite shocking that for all their efforts they have failed to find prosecutable criminal behavior in Trump's past, being as he has been for decades our cultural archetype of the shady businessman.

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Yeah like how is it possible he never torched a stalled construction project for the insurance money and inadvertantly killed a homeless person sleeping in it.

He also built the world's largest all-concrete building (Trump Tower) in an era where the mafia 100% controlled the concrete business in New York.

Though I think their tax efforts were always kind of a red herring because he pays a world class team of lawyers and accountants to deal with that and theu definitely know what theyre doing.

Democrats also dont seem to understand about delegation, which admittedly, Trump's penchant for arbitrary micromanagement makes a bit more confusing, but he isnt really personally legally responsible for things several layers below him.

For example, they talked about illegal groundskeepers are Mar-A-Lago.

Firstly, whoever hires groundskeeping staff is literally at least like 8 management levels below Trump. He oversees a corporate policy that says to follow applicable immigration laws.

Secondly, do they really want him to harass every person with an accent he sees working a rake or cleaning a hotel room for immigration papers? Imagine if he did!

Im quite confident that their complete faith that he must have done something- anything!- Illegal and disqualifying hindered their ability to conduct real investigations.

They really would be better off trying to govern competently than remove their competitor this way, but clearly that is not an option for them.

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